Three Relationship Resolutions for 2014

It’s that time again. New Years is around the corner, and alas another bout of resolutions, goals, and everything we want to change. Another sleuth of Facebook posts to remind us, and conversations with our girls on what we’re really doing this time. The truth is, most people ( I know) don’t reach their resolutions, or as I call them now goals. The reason is because they never made them a priority to begin with. To me, setting a new years goal, is just like setting any other goal. It’s getting in the mindset that this is high on your list of priorities if not the top, and other things in your life will have to bend and be sacrificed if you’re serious about it.

What if we included relationship resolutions with the most common resolutions we see every year?

3 New Years Resolutions for Your Relationships Too

1. Exercise Regularly/Healthy Habits. This should include Relationship Habits too. Stop doing and dating people who are clearly not good for you. If he’s making you feel worse about yourself, and not better? Let it go. If he refuses to call you his girlfriend after 6 months, and you’ve never been to his house? Let it go. We all know the signs. It’s about time we stop ignoring them. It was fun in college, but it loses it’s steam when you have a job and responsibilities.

2. Get a Promotion. I bet you’re working really hard at that promotion too. I even bet you’re even being observant to the people in the company who are getting ahead, and really analyzing yourself on where you may need to improve on. What about your relationship/dating pattern? How much thought are you putting into yourself? Are your relationships lasting weeks or months? Does it always end the same way? Is there a similar pattern? No one is here to play the blame game or to EVER say this is more important than your career. However if a loving, lasting relationship is something that is also a priority for you, just like at work there’s something to be said for someone who is self-aware.

3. Letting Go Of All the Negative Things/People In Your Life. This generally refers to frenemies, relatives who are mooching you, and people in general who only contact you when they need something. That guy that keeps texting you every third month for 2 dates then disappears again? Why do you keep entertaining him? Even if it’s “just for fun” and you don’t care, why even let him take up some of your precious time that you could be spending doing something positive. If you’re gonna get rid of all the negativity, clean house completely.

Whatever your goal is for 2014, I implore you to make it the year to make changes that nurtures and lifts you up!

That’s the one goal everyone should have.

2 thoughts on “Three Relationship Resolutions for 2014

  1. So often we don’t give our love life the same proactive energy we give the rest of our life. Nice reminder to think about our life from 360 degrees.


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