#TechieTuesday – HomeSwipe App Lets You Apartment Hunt, Tinder Style!

It’s clear that the notion of “swiping” has taken over the digital world. Now, the phenomenon has moved beyond dating strangers who are just interested in how tall you are and “What brings you to Tinder?”. The geniuses over at Skylight Inc. have developed a new app called HomeSwipe.

homeswipe appThe premise of this new app is an easier way to apartment hunt in NYC.

It boasts:

– Verified, Reliable Listings

– Ability to Chat Easily with Agents

– Gamifying the process of searching for an apartment into a stress-free process, that is also slightly fun!

What is it with swiping that is so appealing to us? This non-committal way to view people (and apparently now places) in the safety of our own home, has given us the impression that we don’t have to rush an settle.

Now not only do we not need to settle for partners, we don’t have to settle for bad craigslist listings that catfish us into apartments that end up being in a completely different neighborhood.

Although, now that I’ve seen something as fundamental as finding a “home” gamified, it makes me wonder how far oversimplifying the basic needs in our lives will go?


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