Dear Future Me….

Today I was sitting with a close friend of mine, as she was scrolling through her email. She came across a letter that she had written to herself 6 months ago. She read it out loud as her former self reminded her future self of her goals and how far along she wanted to be now. Talk about motivating! I was immediately interested in the site!

If you’ve been reading my blog posts (and I thank you!), you can probably gather that moving along a personal spiritual journey where I’m consciously growing is a top priority for me. It’s a good feeling to go back and read your past journal entries or even think about the person you were three years ago, and what has changed.

So it’s no surprise this site (which also has an app!) is my NEW favorite obsession. Sometimes I just love technology. Being able to write a letter to myself and schedule it for anytime?? #Outstanding. I’m going to go write myself a letter right now, or several!

What would you say to your future self?

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One thought on “Dear Future Me….

  1. I would say learn from your mistakes. Do the right thing when you have the chance. Never forget what you have in front of you for an imaginary payoff. When you love somsomeone hold them close, hold them tight. Hopefully you’ve learned that pride comes before the fall. Hopefully you realized that magic is real, and learned to appreciate it. Maybe you’ve learned to appreciate greatness in yourself and others, maybe you havent. I hope that you’ve found your balance, and made amends for all mistakes. I hope that you’ve put yourself in the category of the 10% that realize that they need to make changes and actually follows through on those changes. Actually, I know you will. Look at yourself, show and prove.

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