#TechieTuesday – Shyp App Returns The Bad Shopping Choices You Made Online

Well, online shopping just got a whole lot easier. If you shop online more frequently than you care to admit, like me, then you know the worst part is needing to return the items. Finding a new box because you JUST threw the packaging away, figuring out where the return label is or printing your own, or having to make the half mile walk to the post office – is all time we could be spending doing more online shopping. (If you were wondering, the best part of online shopping, is getting cash back from eBates..if you don’t know, you better ask somebody!) Anywho…

#TechieTuesday ShypThe new app, Shyp, provides hassle-free shipping on demand for you, but only for items that need to be returned. So instead of wondering how you’re going to re-package that hideous skirt that came in, for $5 shyp will “Come to you to pick up your items, safely package them and send them with the best-priced carrier”. Additional bonus is, it doesn’t matter how many items you have to return, they only charge one pickup fee! Genius! So basically they will figure out how to package it, and do the leg work in figuring the most cost-effective way to send it. Poof!

Now if only someone could on-demand me a boyfriend, I’d be all set!

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