Are You Ready for ‘Flirt First, Reveal Later’ Dating?

Are you ready to date blindly? Recently, Spoonjuice has launched a new social dating app called Twine. [Isn’t it interesting that even online dating has become more social?]


It’s premise simply is to converse first. If there is a connection, then you can choose to reveal your photo.


A concept most definitely due a pat on the back, but is this something that is sustainable?

How effective would this app be for you?


Imagine you’re home on a weekday night, or even out with the girls. You open this app, click on “find new twine”, and instantly get to see who is nearby. You start chatting with a boy, whose face you cannot see. How would you feel about this?


I enjoy this concept of trying to bridge new technology to leverage all attempts at online dating, but I’m not sure it will help people be less superficial. In fact, I could see my feelings getting hurt more, after investing a quick 10 minute back-and-forth convo only to reveal my photo and be virtually “dumped”. Ouch.


And why does it only pick the people right nearby? If it’s anything like Facebook’s nearby, then I guess that could mean they’re 50 miles away. Otherwise, I’m not sure how this app is different from Bang With Friends, which was taken down from the Apple store a week after its release, and is now being sued by Zynga. Bang with Friends, which is made for your other Facebook friends who are also down to “bang”, tagline is “Completely private and discreet until both friends are down to bang.”


Basically, I could see this app being largely misused, which would suck for the people who actually want to use it for what it’s meant for.


Otherwise, I’m just not a fan of turning dating into the most minimal effort possible. At least with, it’s a seemingly mutual commitment to finding suitable dating partners. Not, the ability to randomly text people who are “nearby.” Where has the sanctity of dating gone!


What do you think?


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