Dating by Diets: The New Dating Phenomenon?

When it comes to dating, nothing ever ceases to amaze me. There seems to be a continuous balancing game between getting that “old-school” dating back with keeping up with the times.

My newest find is dating by diets! Online Dating sites for those with restricted diets.

Would you want to be paired based on your diet?

I’ve recently been aroused by this new world of online dating based on dietary restrictions ( Turns out there’s a site for every diet (even if a diet is something you’re against).

Here’s what we got:

Wow, that’s a lot of restrictions. Personally, I know several people myself who are vegetarian, gluten-free, half-vegan, etc. So I know it can be challenging to date someone who loves a good pork belly and fried bacon when you love celery sticks and hummus. If living an active and healthy lifestyle is important to you, then I understand finding someone of like mind who cares about their long-term health. But this is too much.

When you’re dating, does your diet have to be the same as other person’s? Where do you draw the line?

The biggest value I can see in some of these sites is if the reason you abstain from meat, dairy, etc is for strictly agricultural and animal rights reasons. Not eating something because you completely disagree with how they are raised and treated is a very specific value and belief. That means you might be a lot less tolerable with someone who eats meat.

I can also understand if you’re gluten-free or vegan, since it limits the amount of places you can go to eat, but even then, wouldn’t someone you’re dating understand that and act accordingly? I feel like every time I look up there’s a new “Health” store on every corner.

Is the same diet a good basis for compatibility?  I’d love to see a study on this, because I’m not so sure it is.

What do you think about dating by diets? Do you think it’s helpful?

2 thoughts on “Dating by Diets: The New Dating Phenomenon?

  1. Actually, is for ALL restrictive diets, as well as foodie favorites, not just paleo. It’s the only one that caters to everyone, even picky eaters. And it’s 100% free!


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