Get Resolution Appy for 2015

For anyone who knows me, they know how much I heart New Years (and get emotional at the countdown every..time..). Why? Well the normal reasons, a year of my life has ended, it’s always a reminder that time will wait for no one, and also a reminder that my birthday is that much closer.

But also, New Year’s for me has become a spiritual moment when I reflect on my growth; as a person, as a friend, as a professional. Because honestly what is a “resolution” if you’re not also growing? One simply cannot exist without the other. I love to look back and mindfully recognize the ways in which I am not the same, or the ways I am.

Also,  I am about being organized in a tech-savvy world. Having a flair for technology, I continuously try to find ways to use it to make my life easier. You might faint if you saw how many notebooks I have in my Evernote ( of which I would literally die if something ever happened to it). Of course there are just some things that will never replace handwritten to-do lists.

I’ve curated a list of my current favorite apps and an extra non-tech way to reach your goals this year.:

My Check Register: Financial freedom is usually #1 on everyone’s new year’s list. Personally, I miss the days of yore when your mom was teaching you how to manage your money, you would input every little thing in your register, and don’t forget to round up to the next dollar!! Well as it turns out, mama was right, as always. If you’re like me with more than one bank account, getting serious on your budget means being able to see everything at once, updated, and on-time. I love this app because it mixes a bit of tradition which I love with technology.

The Hit List: As you can tell I am a fan of lists, especially since most days I cannot even remember what I did last weekend. The Hit List is your normal list/task manager but on steroids. So instead of having a list for home decorations, grocery lists, and deliverables due for your project at work, The Hit List combines them all into one efficient app. Remember one of those tips from David Allen in Getting Things Done, where you write all your thoughts and to-do’s and etc on a notepad next to your bed so you don’t go to sleep worrying about it? Do this instead.

Future Me: Reaching your goals don’t happen overnight. They take constant work, step-by-step plans, and many self reminders to keep yourself motivated. Who better to motivate you than you? As I mentioned in my previous post on Future Me, this wonderful service allows you to write emails to yourself in the future. The future being, 2 days, 1 month, or even 6 months. This New Year’s write yourself an email with your goals on it, to be sent at the end of 2015. Did you reach them? Or set a 6 month email and ask yourself, where are you with this? The only person you are in competition with is yourself.

Goal Planning Binder: This one is not technical. I recommend finding a wire bound planner and customizing it.

Etsy has a plethora of sellers who sell printable inserts for planners so you can build your own, and they sell their own planners that you can request to be customized to exactly your needs! Here is an example of the goal planner planner I ordered with customizations from EasyPeasyShop Etsy Seller.

Etsy Seller

Whatever you do for 2015, I hope you find a way to do things differently, take a different road, and be fearless in doing it. Reaching goals takes daily work.

Happy 2015!

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