Accepting My Growth

Recently, Ive been on somewhat of a hiatus because I was having a hard time figuring out how to include other views of mine on my blog. I realized I was really torn about it and I was afraid that broadening my writing horizons wouldn’t fit in well with my other content. I figured my blog should (there goes that word again) have very specific content which I was limiting myself to. Then I was reminded of something that I really needed to hear. We grow every single day, and we can’t expect ourselves or people, whether friends or readers, to never see that reflected in life.

I realized that this notion of being afraid to branch out in other ways content wise was not just an element of my blog but of other aspects in my life. In other ways I knew I had maybe OUTgrown something or someone, but for one reason or another I was afraid to make that newly found gem in myself known. It’s funny how we can put shoulda’s and limits on ourselves for seemingly small things. Imagine all the times where you simply changed your position or your stance toward things you feel defines you. I know this has happened to me. The moment you realize a particular value or view you’ve had for quite some time has shifted. This can be anything from your views on love, friendships, or how you publicly write personal stories for all to see.

When you think about the level of importance we put on things we’ve designated to define us, it’s no wonder it can be an interesting transition to accept who we’ve become. This moment opened my eyes to understanding how much I have grown in ways I never realized. What I really needed to do was just give myself permission to accept it. Not just with my blog, but in all aspects of my life.

I’ve accepted I am on a personal and spiritual journey to live an imperfect balanced life. I am vulnerable, I am strong, and I am fearless. This is what I hope to express as I continue to challenge myself in my blog. Hopefully you will enjoy reading along my journey and you find inspiration as well.

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