Want to Rent a Date This Weekend? You Can.

The time has come for me to feel old. You know how your grandparents feel every time you tell them what online dating is, and you get the “we never did this in our day”? That’s how I felt when I first read about Rent-a-Gent, a NY-Based company a few weeks ago. If you are unfamiliar, it is a service where you can rent quality men to do various things, except sex. No sex. Absolutely no sex.

Here’s what they can do for you: “All gents have been pre-screened and vetted by the Rent a Gent team. They represent the top 1% of the hundreds of men who applied to Rent a Gent. The services include singing, bar tending, dancing, cooking, teaching guitar, and serving as human furniture. Sex is not included but sexy outfits are. Purchase a special outfit for the gent to wear as well as a curated selection of accessories. So many thoughts ran through my head when looking through this. Are men as furniture the new thing? Why would a World Professional Basketball Player or Stunt Man want to be rented? I wonder how much these men get paid? (that was easy to find out, $200/hour) Would people be accepting if this was Rent-A-Lady?

Sean. The Professional Basketball Player

Sean. The Professional Basketball Player

So many questions, such little answers. But then I stopped and said, what would I do with a rented man? Besides of course, the obvious bachelorette/birthday festivities dressed in chippendale outfits. Hmmmm, I suppose I would rent a man to:

1. Clean my apartment while dressed as Captain America.

2. Dress up as my bodyguard, and pretend I’m a celebrity to get me into VIP parties and restaurants.

3. Come with me to dinner (or Cambodia), where they serve things like Fried Tarantulas and make him taste it first.

4. Memorize the club scene from Save the Last Dance, and re-enact with me at a popular club.

5. Be my table furniture for the night?

Clearly at $200/hour, the Rent-A-gent service would probably not be the best use of my funds for my silly requests. However Rent-A-Gent boasts “Need help getting past hump day? Rent a gent to make some cocktails. Want to hang that newly purchased painting? Rent a gent to help. Have an important event coming up? Hire one of our handsome gents with Ivy League degrees.

The possibilities are really endless. That is one expensive cocktail though.

What says you? Would you ever rent a man? For what?

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5 thoughts on “Want to Rent a Date This Weekend? You Can.

  1. Isn’t this a modern day escort service? I’m not opposed but feel a little sad for those that resort to this. Although cleaning my apartment in a Captain America outfit is very appealing!


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